Vercie Lark - Author of the book Make It RainAccess to greater prosperity well within your reach!  Everyone in America who decides to apply a few of the simple secrets contained in my new book Make It Rain can be much wealthier and likely earn more income over the rest of their life.  My wife and I have a strong passion to help millions of Americans improve their financial well-being.  It’s that passion that led me to write my first book, Make It Rain, a simple ten-step how-to guide for anyone to follow and create a better life for themselves, their family, and the people in their community.  Given our humble beginnings we know anyone can amass greater wealth and avoid all the mistakes we’ve made or seen others make in the process.


Just who is Vercie?  Vercie is an Author, Angel Investor, Philanthropist, Small Business Owner and Former Executive Vice President & Head of DST Financial Services, a $750 MM business, delivering industry leading products and business process outsourcing solutions to Financial Services firms (Asset Management, Brokerage, Retirement, Banking, and Insurance investment firms) throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.



After retirement Vercie published a personal finance self-help book, Make It Rain, with the goal of helping Americans in low- and middle-income communities improve their financial security and accumulate generational wealth.  Vercie currently serves on the boards of Heartland (KCK) Black Chamber of Commerce, Avila University, Boys and Girls Club Kansas City, and Wright State University’s Computer Science and Engineering Advisory Council.  Vercie is also an alumni member of the IT Senior Management Forum for black IT executives and he’s an alumnus  of the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce Centurions organization.  Vercie previously served as a board director for DST Worldwide Services India and Thailand, Boston Financial Data Services, Prodapt Americas, Boys and Girls Hope of Kansas City, and The Family Conservancy.



Vercie grew up in a family of seven in one of the poorest areas of Dayton, Ohio, where he began his journey to become a multimillionaire.  He began investing a small portion of my earnings for retirement and, with my wife Lisa’s help, we’ve accumulated millions of dollars in  wealth over the past 30 years.   Like most people who amass great wealth in America Vercie learned through lots of trial and error before figuring out the simple solutions contained in Make It Rain.



Let’s stay connected!   I hope we stay connected and you decide buy a copy of Make It Rain.  But even if you don’t buy Make It Rain, continue to check out my blog periodically to learn new investing tips and access additional financial resources provided for free to help you build a brighter financial future for you, your family.