About Vercie Lark

Vercie Lark - Author of the book Make It RainVercie Lark grew up in a family of seven in one of the poorest areas of Dayton, Ohio, where he began his journey to become a multimillionaire. He earned an electrical engineering degree from Wright State University while working part time as a laborer making before securing his first full-time job at Monsanto Research Corporation.


He began investing a portion of his earnings for retirement and, with his wife Lisa, accumulated millions of dollars in personal wealth over the course of their lifetime.   Like most people who amass great wealth Vercie learned through lots of trial and error leading to losses before figuring out the simple solutions contained in his new book, Make It Rain.


Vercie has always had passion for giving and a strong desire to help others fulfill their dreams by volunteering his time, mentoring, and donating portions of his family’s wealth to various causes.  It is Vercie’s passion for giving and his desire to help others improve their financial well-being that led to the creation of Make It Rain, a simple ten-step how-to guide for anyone to follow and create a better life for themselves, their family, and the people in their community.


Vercie is living proof that the American dream is still alive, and he hopes that “Make It Rain” helps millions of other Americans who come from low and middle income communities achieve their dreams of earning a better living, accumulating more wealth, and retiring with greater financial security.