Why I Wrote Make It Rain

Life Changing Investment Advice

Like millions of Americans, I wasn’t born in to a wealthy family. Simply put, I grew up in a low-income community, my parents worked for low wages, and we were poor.  Dissimilar to millions of Americans, from an early age I was determined to become a millionaire. With the support of my wife, family, and close friends, and many others along the way, I achieved my goal.


My wife and I took maximum advantage of our primary source of income, the salaries we received from our jobs. We became smarter and smarter investors, we learned from our mistakes, and we were frugal when buying big ticket items like houses and cars so that we could amass significant wealth over the past thirty years.


It really doesn’t take a financial genius to amass more wealth. It does take a little more discipline with your spending, some long-term thinking and patience, the removal of mental barriers to success, learning how to invest wisely, and staying passionate in the pursuit of your financial goals.


There are mounds of financial self-help books, research papers, and articles published each year reporting that Americans on average are not investing enough or saving enough money to last through retirement. Today most researchers and financial investment firms recommend saving seven to ten times your annual income before reaching retirement age. What these people and firms don’t do is provide the steps that show us how to save seven to ten times our income, and they rarely provide tips that would help us avoid the common mistakes so many people make with their hard-earned money every day.


Make It Rain is different. In my book, basic investment terms are explained in plain English. You’ll get a simple ten-step guide to help you achieve your financial goals while learning the investing secrets (tips) I’ve gained through lots of trial and error. You’ll be a much smarter investor who avoids the painful mistakes that I’ve made along my journey to secure the financial well-being of me and my family.


You’ve probably heard the phrase “We learn more from our failures than we learn from our successes.” Many authors write books that include exciting stories about their great investment decisions or how they amassed large fortunes overnight. Typically their books include lots of buzzwords (jargon) and pretty charts to convince you to trust their sage advice. They rarely share their investment failures along the way. If in the future you purchase another self-help book from an author who doesn’t tell you about good lessons to apply and bad lessons to avoid on the way to success, send it back and get a refund.


Make It Rain was created to provide a simple solution to help ordinary people earn a better living, amass more wealth, and retire with greater financial security.  As you continue reading, pay close attention to the passages that begin with the phrase “Make It Rain.” These passages summarize the key points to remember from each chapter and provide some of the secrets (tips) we’ve used to increase our wealth and financial security.