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About Make It Rain

From kindergarten to college, we are taught skills to get a job after graduation and expected to work until we’re 65 or 70 to make a good living.  Unfortunately we aren’t taught how to successfully manage our money and invest to build enough wealth to last a life time while avoiding the common mistakes that cause financial ruin for so many people.


The truth is you don’t have to be a financial genius or investment guru to amass great wealth and live a great life in America.  Unfortunately millions of hardworking Americans believe their only option to gain riches involve winning the lottery, gambling at casinos, trying rich quick gimmicks, or breaking the law.


Vercie, a recently retired multimillionaire, created Make It Rain to share his simple ten-step program that unlocks the secrets he and his wife used to join the ranks of the wealthy.  Vercie grew up in a low income area of West Dayton, Ohio and is living proof that the American Dream is Alive and well for those who learn how to apply the simple investment solutions available to all of us.


Read my highly anticipated personal finance self-help book, Make It Rain, and follow just a few of the simple steps to help you achieve your dreams of earning more money, accumulating greater wealth and retiring with financial security.